* 26 Counties: Most of Ireland; became independent from Britain after the Easter rising of 1916 and the war of independence fought by the IRA between 1919-1922; also called the `Free State','Eire'or 'the Republic'.

* 6 Counties: Also called 'the North'. Portion of Ireland under British government rule, which usually refers to it as 'Northern Ireland'. Called 'Ulster' by unionists, a deliberate error.


* A Chara (Pron: oh KORR-oh): Irish Gaelic introduction to letter, meaning 'Friend'. Plural is A Chairde (Pron: oh KARR-DYEH)

* AAI: Australian Aid for Ireland - Irish Republican solidarity organisation in Australia

* Alliance Party: A small northern political party which wishes to maintain the union with Britain. Led by Lord Alderdice.

* An Phoblacht/Republican News (Pron: onn FUB-lockt): The official newspaper of the Irish Republican Movement. AOH: Ancient Order of Hibernians AP/RN: An Phoblacht/Republican News

* AOH: Ancient Order of Hibernians. Irish Catholic organisation based in the US.

* Ard Chomhairle (Pron: ORD KOW-ir-leh): Leadership or 'high council.'

* Ard Fheis (Pron: ORD ESH): Annual Convention, usually of a Political Party.


* BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation. Available in much of Ireland


* Cabinet: Government decision making body. Chaired by Taoiseach. Government Ministers. The Attorney General and the Chief Whip are seated members but cannot participate in decision-making.

* CAC: Continuity Army Council. Small new republican organisation engaged in armed actions. Claim to be "the true IRA". Goals are similar to those of RSF.

* Clann na nGael: (Pron. KLON noh NGAYLE) US-based Irish Republican organisation

* CLMC: Combined Loyalist Military Command - a now defunct grouping of loyalist the loyalist paramilitary UVF, UFF/UDA and the Red Hand Commando

* Connolly Association: British-based Republican organisation campaigning for Irish re-unification and independence.

* Conradh na Gaeilge (Pron: CUNN-rah noh GAYLE-geh): Organization devoted to the preservation and promotion of Irish language and culture.

* Constituency: Electoral region, usually about 30,000-40,000 voters.

* Cumann (Pron: KUMM-onn): Local organisation or constituent 'society' of a larger organisation.


* Dail (Pron. DAWL): Parliament of the 26-counties.

* DL: See Democratic Left.

* Drumcree: Site of major confrontations for past two years between Orange Order marchers and local nationalist residents.

* DUP: Democratic Unionist Party - Extreme Unionist party. Led by Ian Paisley.


* Eire (Pron. AY-reh): Irish Gaelic name for Ireland

* EU: European Union; formerly EC or EEC.


* Feile: (Pron. FAY-leh) Festival

* Fleadh: (Pron. FLAH) Traditional music gathering, with competitions

* F.F.: Fianna Fail (Pron. FEEN-oh FAWL): - 26-County Political Party; conservative, generally nationalist - led by Bertie Ahern.

* F.G.: Fine Gael (Pron. FIN-eh GAYLE): - 26-County Political Party; conservative, with more secular social policies; generally unionist. Led by John Bruton.

* FOSF: Friends of Sinn Fein (Cairde (Pron. CARD-yeh SHINN FAYN)- US based lobby and fund-raising organisation for Sinn Fein.

* Foyle: The Derry region and river/estuary

* Fuascailt (Pron. FOOS-kilt) - British based organisation working for freedom and justice for Irish political prisoners


* GAA: Gaelic Athletic Association (Governing Body for Hurling, Gaelic Football, and Handball).

* Gaeltacht (Pron. GAIL-tockt): Irish Speaking Regions.

* Garda (Pron. G0RR-doh): Police - Full name is Garda Siochana ("Guardians of the peace"). Gardai (Pron. G0RR-DEE) is the plural of Garda.


* H-Blocks; components of Long Kesh prison; site of 1981 hunger strike

* House of Commons: Lower chamber of the British parliament at Westminster


* IAUC: Irish-American Unity Coalition

* INA: Irish Northern Aid - US-based Republican support organisation.

* INC: Irish National Caucus - Washington-based lobbying group

* INLA: Irish National Liberation Army (small republican socialist organisation engaged in armed actions).

* IPLO: Irish People's Liberation Organisation (Breakaway group from INLA, now defunt).

* IRA: Irish Republican Army - army of Irish Volunteers engaged in armed struggle against the British forces in Ireland, now on ceasefire.

* IRSM: Irish Republican Socialist Movement (includes the INLA and a political party, the IRSP) - opposed to IRA ceasefire.


* Labour Party: Small 26-County political party; left of centre on many issues. Led by Dick Spring. The British equivalent, led by Tony Blair, is the party of government at Westminster

* Leinster House: The seat of the Irish parliament

* Long Kesh: Large prison housing most 6-county political prisoners; the H-Blocks are located here.

* Loyalism: A sort of Unionism, traditionally more disposed to violence; proponents are 'loyal' to Great Britain. Includes a number of paramilitary organisations which have worked in collusion with British forces.

* LVF: Loyalist Volunteer Force - a loyalist paramilitary organisation opposed to CLMC 'ceasefire' - broke away from UVF in Mid-Ulster area.


* Maze: British name for Long Kesh

* MEP: Member of the European Parliament.

* MI5: British military 'intelligence' organisation; operates undercover in Ireland, often in collusion with loyalist paramilitaries.

* MP: Member of (the British) Parliament.


* NIWC: Northern Ireland Women's Coalition

* NIO: Northern Ireland Office - the administrative headquarters for the North, headed by Britain's direct ruler Mo Mowlam and a team of British government ministers.

* Noraid: See INA


* Oireachtas (Pron. irr-ACK-tos): Name to cover both houses of the 26-County Parliament (ie. The Dail and the Seanad) and the President.

* Orange Order: Extreme anti-Catholic religious/political organisation in 6-Counties; opposes 'popery'; Unionist/Loyalist in political allegiance. Led by Robert Saulters.


* PD: Progressive Democrats - Political party founded in the late 80's by Fianna Fail dissidents; policies variable.

* PR: Proportional Representation - voting system employed in 26-Counties,namely STV - single transferable vote.

* PUP: Progressive Unionist Party - small fringe unionist party associated with the UVF.


* Red Hand Commando: Another loyalist paramilitary organisation, part of the CLMC.

* Republican Movement: Describes the principle modern incarnation of the Irish republican tradition which draws on 18th century French republicanism and historical Irish influences, including Wolfe Tone, the United Irishmen, Irish Republican Brotherhood and the Easter Rising. Includes Sinn Fein and the IRA.

* RIR: Royal Irish Regiment - British Army regiment formed in 1992 with the amalgamation of the UDR and Royal Irish Rangers.

* RSF: Republican Sinn Fein - small breakaway Republican political party. Goals are similar to those of the CAC.

* RUC: Royal Ulster Constabulary - British militarised police force in the 6-Counties.


* Saoirse (Pron. SARE-sheh): Republican lobby group for freedom and justice for Ireland's political prisoners of war.

* SAS: Special Air Services (An undercover wing of the British Army, some of whose members operate in the 6-Counties, largely above the law).

* SDLP: Social Democratic and Labour Party (A nationalist political party in the 6-Counties).

* Seanad (Pron. SHAN-odd): Senate (or upper house of Parliament) - must approve all legislation before it can become law. Styled on the British House of Lords.

* Sinn Fein (Pron. SHINN FAYN): A legal and independent political party within the Republican movement working to bring about a just and lasting peace in Ireland through peaceful political action. Led by Gerry Adams

* Slan: (Pron. SLAWN): Irish Gaelic for 'Farewell'.

* Stormont: Buildings employed by several 6-County parliaments. Seat of British rule in Ireland.


* Taoiseach (Pron. TEE-shack): Prime Minister (Head of Government - the President is Head of State)

* Tanaiste (Pron. TAW-nish-teh): Deputy Prime Minister.

* T.D.: Teachta Dala (Member of the Dail).

* TOM: Troops Out Movement - British based organisation working to bring about a withdrawal of British forces from Ireland.
* Tories: British Conservative Party of government in Britain; supports continuing British occupation in Ireland. Led by William Hague.


* UDA: Ulster Defence Association, a loyalist paramilitary organisation in the 6-Counties synonymous with the UFF; work largely in co-operation with undercover British forces.

* UDP: Ulster Democratic Party - small unionist party with one or two elected councillors. Associated with the UDA/UFF.

* UDR: Ulster Defence Regiment (Now renamed - a regiment of the British Army which operates in the 6-Counties. Many of its members were part-time and it was almost completely made up of Protestants). Amalgamated into the RIR.

* UFF: Ulster Freedom Fighters (A loyalist paramilitary organisation).Synonymous with the UDA.

* UKUP: United Kingdom Unionist Party. Small new unionist Party. Led by Bob McCartney.

* Ulster: Province of Ireland. Nine counties, including the 6-Counties and Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan.

* Unionism: Political philosophy supporting maintainence of British rule of the 6-Counties. United Kingdom: Defined by British government as Britain and its offshore islands but also the 6-counties.

* UUP: Ulster Unionist Party - largest unionist party. Led by David Trimble

* UVF: Ulster Volunteer Force (Loyalist paramilitary organisation). Allied to the PUP.


* Westminster: Seat of the British parliament in London, including the House of Commons (lower chamber) and the House of Lords (upper chamber)

* WP: Workers' Party (a small left-wing political party).

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